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TO: Chancellor Nancy Cantor
Members of Urbana-Champaign Senate

FROM: Conference on Conduct Governance

DATE: March 17, 2004

RE: Revised Rule 17 - Alcoholic Beverages CG 03.06

Attached for your information and comment is a revision of Rule 17 of the Code of Policies Regulations Applying to All Students. It was jointly drafted by CCG and a task force chaired by William Riley, Dean of Students. During Spring 2004, the draft was reviewed by the Senate Executive Committee, resulting in changes that are incorporated into this final draft.

The purpose of the revision is to conform Rule 17 to existing law and University policy. Presenting revised Rule 17 to the Senate provides an opportunity to focus attention on the serious alcohol abuse problem on campus (see attached reports from Alcohol and Other Drug Office and the Senate Committee on Student Discipline). The content of the new rule is summarized below.

Preamble (lines 29-36) - Summarizes existing jurisdiction policy regarding alcohol violations.

IA -- Replaces existing Rule 17A and states that students, like all other citizens (see Rule 5), must observe state and local liquor laws, and lists the most important provisions affecting students. Subsection A1 is based on City of Champaign Liquor Code 5-65 (a), 5-65.1 (a); A2 on 5-65 (b), 5-65.1 (b); and A3 on 5-11 (a). (Regarding subsection A3, see attached article).

IB -- Summarizes existing disciplinary system policy regarding alcohol violations and is consistent with the Kolusis Guidelines governing social Greek organization events.

IC -- Expands existing Rule 17D without significant change.

ID -- Is consistent with City of Champaign Liquor Code 5-66 (Unlawful Use of Identification) and supplements existing Rules 14 (Falsification of Documents) and 15 (Identification Cards).

IE -- Existing Rule 17E without change.

II A -- Corrects existing Rule 17B to conform to current University policy.

II B -- Expands existing Rule 17C without substantial change.