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Rule 17 - March 5, 2004

CG 03.06

NEW RULE 17 (to replace existing rule)

17. Alcoholic Beverages


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign expects all students to exhibit behavior compatible with membership in a community of scholars. Students shall conduct themselves in a civil and mature manner, respecting the rights and property of others. (See also Rule 5.) Having consumed alcohol is not an excuse for failure to meet these expectations.

Because of the University's concern for the health and rights of individuals and because the excessive consumption of alcohol frequently results in the user becoming either a violator or a victim, the University will respond when inappropriate alcohol-related behavior is demonstrated. These interventions will include a team approach involving, when appropriate, any or all of the following: the Division of Public Safety, the Office of Public Affairs, and Student Affairs units including the Dean of Students Office, the Office for Student Conflict Resolution (Student Judicial Affairs), Residential Life, the Alcohol and Other Drug Office, the Counseling Center, and McKinley Health Center.

The following regulations apply to all UIUC students and registered organizations while on campus, while involved in University-related activities, while within the environs of Champaign County, or in other circumstances where a substantial University community interest exists. A "substantial University community interest" exists, but is not limited to, situations in which individual or group alcohol consumption results in actual or threatened injury to persons, damage to property, or disruption of a University-related event.

I. General Rules

II. Special Rules Relating to University Property

* Under Illinois law, a person under twenty-one years of age cannot possess or consume alcoholic beverages. It is against the law to sell or deliver alcohol to anyone under twenty-one years of age, or to any intoxicated person. The Secretary of State is authorized to suspend or revoke without a hearing the driver's license of a person under twenty-one years of age who has purchased or attempted to purchase alcohol from a duly licensed establishment or who has consumed alcohol on licensed premises. The Secretary of State is authorized to suspend or revoke the drivers license of a person under twenty-one years of age who is convicted for a violation of the Liquor Control Act or similar provision of a local ordinance prohibiting a person under twenty-one years of age from purchasing, accepting, possessing, or consuming alcohol and prohibiting the transfer or alteration of identification cards, the use of the identification card of another or a false or forged identification card, or the use of false information to obtain an identification card. It is illegal for a person under twenty-one years of age to present or possess false identification in an attempt to enter a liquor establishment or to purchase alcohol. It is also illegal to sell or offer for sale alcoholic beverages without a liquor license or to patronize any unlicensed liquor establishment.

The cities of Champaign and Urbana both have city ordinances which closely parallel state law in regards to alcohol. Additionally, in Champaign and Urbana it is an ordinance violation for a minor (eighteen years of age or younger in Champaign; seventeen years of age or younger in Urbana) to be present in a liquor establishment or for any individual to carry open alcohol out of an establishment or in public areas.

Substantial penalties exist in Illinois for the operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or greater. Arrests are also possible at lower levels if driving is impaired. Drivers under twenty-one years of age with any trace of alcohol in their systems can lose their driving privileges. Transporting open alcohol containers in a motor vehicle or allowing an intoxicated person to operate a vehicle are also punishable under Illinois law.

17. Alcoholic Beverages (current)