University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Urbana-Champaign Senate
September 29, 2003; 3:10 p.m.
Foellinger Auditorium

I. Approval of April 28 and May 5, 2003, Senate Minutes

II. Senate Executive Committee Report-Michael Grossman, Chair

III. Chancellor's Remarks- Provost Richard Herman will provide an update on the budget.

IV. Questions/Discussion

V. Consent Agenda

Revision to the Campus Code, Section 86, the Dean's List
Educational Policy (V. Burton, Chair) EP.03.34

Singapore Joint Program Option in the Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
Educational Policy EP.04.02

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Urban Planning 4+1 Program in Urban and Regional Planning
Educational Policy EP.04.03

Master's Degree Program in Bioinformatics
Educational Policy EP.04.04

Proposal to Discontinue the Undergraduate Economics Major in the College of Business
Educational Policy EP.04.06

VI. Proposals for Action
Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate
Committee on Committees (J. Prussing, Chair) CC.04.03

Resolution to Endorse the IBHE/FAC's Recommendation to add a 7th Goal to the Illinois Commitment
Prefiled Resolution (Sen. K. E. Andersen, Sponsor) RS.04.01

Computation of Grade Point Average
Educational Policy EP.04.07

VII. Reports for Information of the Senate
2002-2003 Annual Report
Cont.Educ./Public Service (M. Mallory, Chair) PS.03.01

Evaluation of Ability to Work
Senate Executive Committee SC.03.13

May 15, N. O'Brien, SC.03.11
June 27, B. G. Jones, SC.03.12
July 16-17, P. C. Yu, SC.03.14
September 11, N. O'Brien, SC.04.03

BHE (K. Andersen)
June 3, HE.03.14
August 12, HE.03.16

FAC/IBHE (K. Andersen)
May 2, HE.03.12
May 30, HE.03.13
June 20, HE.03.15
September 12, HE.04.01

USC (N. O'Brien)
April 23, UC.03.07
May 20, UC.03.08
June 24, UC.03.09
August 11, UC.03.10

VIII. New Business

IX. Executive Session
All non-senators must depart the auditorium while the Senate considers nominations for honorary degrees from the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees.

X. Adjournment