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19 February 2007

University Senates Conference
(Final; Information)

UC.07.03 Report on the University Senates Conference Meeting, 25 October 2006

Members present: Anderson, Bodenhorn (Chair), Burton, Chambers, Grossman, Jones, Kaufman, Mallory (Vice Chair), Schacht, Scheff, Tolliver, Weller, Wheeler, Wood

Guests: David Chicoine, Richard Schoell, Joseph White

The USC met in Room 206, Student Center West, UIC. Chair Bodenhorn called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. The USC went into Executive Session to meet with President White and Vice President Chicoine. President White reported that the proposed statutory changes that would permit multi-year contracts for certain academic staff would go to the Board of Trustees in November. There was discussion of the status of the President’s management teams; because of transitions in the office, it was suggested this might be a good time to examine if and how they were working.

President White told USC that he appreciated receiving the shared governance document and commented that it was a good compilation of useful information. There was discussion about expectations of shared governance. The USC suggested that, at the least, shared governance is important in matters regarding educational policy, in the broadest sense; when there is creation or modification of a major administrative position; or in issues involving the academic mission of the University.

With regard to the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), President White said that a very strong, very credible voice for academic policy is needed.  The President reported that there would be an internal search, that he intends to create an advisory committee for the VPAA search, and that he wants faculty to be involved. The USC would have a role in the review, consideration, and recommendation.

The USC and David Chicoine (Vice President for Technology and Economic Development and Interim VPAA) discussed the proposed revisions to The General Rules regarding Intellectual Property. The USC and the senates were told that the revisions are not intended to introduce new policy. Proposed revisions, however, seemed to introduce new policy that appeared to be inconsistent with some current policies. Vice President Chicoine said that once the senates and USC respond to the proposed revisions, the University Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) would make necessary revisions so that The General Rules and policies would be consistent.

President White left the meeting at 11:40 a.m. Vice President Chicoine was asked to comment (as Interim VPAA) on the position of VPAA. A discussion followed on what the position was, what it is currently, and what it might become.

The meeting recessed for lunch, during which Mr. Rick Schoell, Executive Director of Governmental Relations, discussed plans for meeting with legislators. Last year, USC focused on meeting with state legislators in groups, but this year Mr. Schoell suggested that USC meet with individuals on a more substantive level and include the federal side.

Mr. Schoell discussed the state of the State’s budget, especially regarding the big obligations such as pension funding and Medicaid payments; how the state funds education; and the need for a capital bill.

Following lunch, the business meeting resumed. The Minutes of the 26 September 2006 meeting were approved as written. Items from the UIC Senate were approved for classification. Because some management teams are no longer operational or are changing, USC appointed members to some teams and held off appointments to others.

There was no new business.

USC discussed some items of old business, including the Global Campus Initiative; reorganization of University Administration, regarding the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the search for a Chief Financial Officer; shared governance; proposed revisions to The General Rules, regarding intellectual property; proposed revisions to the Statutes, regarding optional multi-year contracts for certain academic staff; and possible USC guests.

USC received updates from the campuses. The Global Campus Initiative was the dominant issue on the campuses. USC also received updates from the management teams.

The meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Grossman
UIUC Senate’s representative to USC
Adapted from minutes that USC approved on November 16, 2006.
Thanks to Connie Sailor, USC Secretary.