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September 19, 2005

Report on University Senates Conference Meeting at UIUC
June 20, 2005


The USC dinner was held the evening before at Timpone’s Restaurant on Goodwin Avenue with almost all of the number of the members present. Vice-President Gardner joined the group and a free ranging discussion ensued during and following the meal.

At the regular meeting the following items were considered:

  1. OT-191-Severe Sanctions Less Than Dismissal. Status unchanged, as each campus has their individual procedures. USC decided to have each campus examine all three procedures to see if there is room for a more universal, common set, which could be adopted. This will be continued at the September USC meeting.
  2. OT-185-Sente Resolutions on Benefits for Domestic Partners. Currently “opposite sex” is covered but not “same sex” partners. USC is forming a committee to revisit this and report in September.
  3. OT-213-Five Year Review of the Position of VP for Technology and Economic Development. This is ongoing and is concentrating on structure and function, not on the individual. Additional information is being sought.
  4. BG-16-Review of Charge to the University Administration Budget and Benefits Study Committee. The original charge was accepted without change and the Conference suggests that topics such as faculty salary compression and pension issues be examined, among others.
  5. Reports of from Management Teams were presented for AAMT, BAHRMT and UTMT.

The Conference met in Executive Session with the President White and Vice-President Gardner. President White discussed current status of the President’s Summit on Strategic Leadership and his expectation of significant input from the academic community, particularly from the USC and from each campus SEC. He also commented on the recently adopted State of Illinois Budget, noting that it is essentially a two-year budget because of the election occurring close to when the next budget must be adopted. Vice-President Gardner responded to a series of issues focused on budget, tuition and fees, and system data and computing systems. He emphasized that Management Teams are involved with details in these areas. The overall goal is “Sustaining Excellence” over the long range.

The general meeting began with President White and Vice-President Gardner in which

the main topics were related to budget issues at the State and potential outcomes. There seemed to be little that can be done at this point since the University has made its presentation emphasizing the value of higher education to the State, the commitment of the university to helping the State and acknowledging that the legislative members appreciate the value of the university to the well-being of the State.

Mr. Richard Schoell, Executive Director for Government Relations was the luncheon guest. He provided an update on activities in both Springfield and Washington related to present and future directions of his office.

The regular meeting concluded after considering other routine business and completing the election process for the USC Executive Committee Members.

Chair: Elliot Kaufman (UIC)
Secretary: Pat Langley (UIS)

Other Members:
Terry Bodenhorn (UIS)
Barclay Jones (UIUC)
Al Kagan (UIUC)
Ann Weller (UIC)


Submitted by Barclay G. Jones