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April 24, 2000


Report From UIUC Delegation to University Senates Conference

RE: Faculty Representation to the Board of Trustees (USC OT-167)

The members of the UIUC delegation to the University Senates Conference (USC) strongly endorse the compromise resolution proposed by the USC. (See below.) The wording is very close to that originally proposed in the UIUC Senate -- the wording that was amended by a margin of only one vote. The compromise also follows closely the resolutions passed by the other two senates. In order to make any progress on this issue, it is critical that the campuses speak with one voice.

We urge that the Senate vote in favor of the Compromise resolution proposed by the University Senates Conference and endorsed by the UIUC delegation to the USC:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees be requested to invite the participation, with voice privileges, of a member of the leadership of the senate of each of the three campuses of the University of Illinois at Board meetings and in other activities of the Board, in the person either of the elected Chair of each senate or of its steering body, or of the elected Vice Chair.

Geneva G. Belford, USC Rep. to Senate Council
Gordon J. Baker
Thomas F. Conry
J. Gary Eden
Joan Larsen Klein
Richard Schacht
Donald L. Uchtmann
Heidi Von Gunden
Terry L. Weech