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October 23, 2000


University Statutes and Senate Procedures
(Final; Action)

SP.96.04 Formation of a New Senate Committee on Information Technology, Bylaws, Part D.16

Information Technology (IT) has taken on an increasingly important role in all walks in life. Among other areas on campus, it significantly impacts teaching and learning, research, service, administrative functions, alumni relations, intramural activities, and other forms of recreation. The Educational Technologies Board is the sole recurring campus committee in the IT area. Other campus IT committees are being contemplated at present, but all of these will have membership that is nominated, either by the Provost or by the various Deans. Faculty and students have a multitude of concerns about IT issues that are as disparate as the campus computer network and how to sustain its growth, on the one hand, and ownership of the intellectual property embedded in a course Website, on the other. There is a need to get a sense of the faculty and the students on these and other issues and to have that sense determine campus policy.

The committee being proposed here has a broad charge and has faculty and student membership elected by the Senate. This committee is primarily a policy setting group. Its goal is to shape campus information technology policy broadly and not to be involved directly with the running of AITS, CCSO, CET, and other campus units.

The Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures recommends approval of the formation of a new Information Technology Committee and the following revisions to the Bylaws. In the amendments below, text to be added is underlined.

REVISIONS TO THE BYLAWS PART D.16 16. Committee on Information Technology (a) Duties 1. Identify and consider problems, needs, and concerns pertaining to campus IT issues and recommend desirable changes in campus policy; 2. Examine trends in IT both here on campus and in higher education generally and recommend appropriate changes in campus policy; 3. Serve in a broad advisory capacity to the Campus Chief Information Officer and the University Associate Vice President for Administrative Information Technology Services.

(b) Membership The Committee shall consist of: 1. Eight faculty members, with no more than two coming from any single college, 2. Two student members, 3. The campus Chief Information Officer (CIO) or the CIO's designee (ex officio), and 4. The University Associate Vice President for Administrative Information Technology Services or designee (ex officio). Renumber remaining sections.

Robert Fossum, Chair
Lanny Arvan
Harry H. Hilton
Jay Kesan
Julian Palmore
Robert C. Damrau, Ex officio
Thomas Eakman, Observer
C.K. Gunsalus, Ex officio (designee)
Vera V. Mainz, (PAC Liaison)