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April 26, 2004



University Statutes and Senate Procedures


SP.04.09 Revision to the Bylaws, Part D.19(b) - Committee on University Student Life, Membership


The Senate Committee on University Student Life (USL) approved a recommendation to designate a student vice-chair. USL exists to address student concerns and thus requires a significant student participation. Having a student vice-chair would provide the students a way to bring concerns to the attention of the committee and would give students more of a voice.


The Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures and the Senate Committee on University Student Life recommend approval of the following revisions to the Bylaws. Text to be deleted is indicated in [square brackets] and text to be added is underscored.


19. Committee on University Student Life

(b) Membership

The Committee shall consist of:

1. Four faculty members,

2. One academic professional member,

3. Five student members,

4. Depending on the structure of the student government, [T]the elected head of the student body or designee, or the elected head of the undergraduate student body and the elected head of the graduate student body[,] or designees [designated representative(s)] (ex officio),

5. The Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs or the Vice-Chancellorís designee (ex officio),

6. The Dean of Students or the Deanís designee (ex officio), and

7. A member of the Committee of Assistant and Associate Deans (ex officio), selected by that committee.

(c) Vice-Chair

The five student members as specified in (b)3 shall elect one of their number to serve as Vice-Chair.

university statutes and senate procedures
Joseph Finnerty, Chair
Linda Beale
Geneva Belford
John Campbell
H. George Friedman
Alfred Kagan
Vera Mainz
Robert Plummer
Robert C. Damrau, ex officio
Thomas M. Eakman, Observer
Kathleen Pecknold, ex officio (designee)