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February 16, 2004


University Statutes and Senate Procedures
(Final; Action)

SP.04.06 Revision to the Bylaws, Part D.17 - Committee on University Senates Conference

A few years ago, when the Springfield campus was added to the University of Illinois system, the senates and the Board of Trustees adopted a change to the University Statutes revising the composition of the University Senates Conference. Previously, the Conference had been composed of nine members from each of the two senates. The change introduced a proportional representation system, due to the disparity in size between the new campus and the two older campuses. The University Statutes, Article II, Section 2a(1), now reads:

"The University Senates Conference shall be made up of twenty members. The basic representation shall be two members from each senate. Additional members shall be apportioned to each senate, at least one from each senate, in numbers proportional to the number of faculty members on each campus. The apportionment shall be recalculated every five years. Each senate shall elect its own representatives from its membership."

The apportionment that has been in effect since this text was adopted is nine members from Urbana-Champaign, eight from Chicago, and three from Springfield.

At the time this text was adopted by the senates and the Board, the similar wording in the Urbana-Champaign Senate Bylaws was overlooked. Therefore, that wording is now at variance with the Statutes.

The Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures recommends approval of the following revisions to the Bylaws, designed to bring the Bylaws into conformity with the Statutes.


17. Committee on University Senates Conference

The University Senates Conference is a University-wide body established by the University Statutes and composed of [nine] a total of twenty representatives from [each of] the several campus [S]senates. The number of representatives from each senate is specified in the Statutes. The representatives are elected by their respective [S]senates for three-year terms beginning on the September 1 following their election, and must be faculty members or members elect of their [S]senates at the time of their election. As close to one-third as possible of the representatives from each [S]senate are elected each year, and none may serve more than two full terms consecutively.

(a) Duties

1. The Senate Committee on the University Senates Conference shall keep the Senate informed concerning matters before the Conference and represent the interests of the Senate in the Conference.
2. One member of the Committee on University Senates Conference shall be elected to the Senate Executive Committee, as prescribed in Bylaw D, 1(b).
(b) Membership
The Senate Committee shall consist of the [nine] [c]Conference members from this campus.

Joseph Finnerty, Chair
Linda Beale
Geneva Belford
John Campbell
H. George Friedman
Alfred Kagan
Vera Mainz
Robert Plummer
Robert C. Damrau, ex officio
Thomas M. Eakman, Observer
Kathleen Pecknold, ex officio (designee)