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April 27, 1998



Senate Council

(Final; Information)

SC.99.01 Report of the Senate Clerk for the Election of Senate Council Chair and Vice-Chair and Members of the Committee on Committees

In accordance with the Bylaws, the election to fill the above positions was conducted by mail ballot. Ballots were counted by Senate Clerk Robert C. Damrau, on Monday, April 13. He reported the following ballot count:

Number of senators who voted: 111

For Chair and Vice-Chair of Senate Council (one-year terms):

Erica McClure (Educ) 36

Richard Schacht (Las) 44

Donald L. Uchtmann (Aces) 29

For Committee on Committees—Faculty (two-year terms):

Garry Chick (Als) 37

J. Fred Giertz (Cba) 71

Michael Gray (Aces) 34

James G. Ward (Educ) 47

For Committee on Committees—Students (one-year terms):

Thomas Abraham (Grad) 46

Jason Accola (Las) 41

Meredith Blumthal (Engr) 45

Joseph Bolz (Faa) 37

Tirzah Hussey (Avia) 8

Robert Sala (Las) 67

Based on the clerk's ballot count, the following senators were declared elected:

Committee on Committees


J. Fred Giertz

James G. WardStudents:

Thomas Abraham

Meredith Blumthal

Robert Sala

Senate Council

Richard Schacht, Chair

Erica McClure, Vice-Chair

1997-98 Senate Council

Richard Schacht, Chair