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October 6, 2008

July 24 BOT Meeting Report
Chicago, Illinois

Chancellor Richard Herman reported on the UIUC campus. He discussed several noteworthy faculty achievements. He reported that the campus has surpassed the $1 billion mark in its Brilliant Futures campaign, well on its way to meeting or exceeding its fundraising goal. This includes a 10% increase in donations and a 5% increase in the number of donors, which counters a national trend. Total corporate funding for research has tripled in the past three years. The Research Park continues to expand.

There was a presentation on the UI Press’s 90th university. The Press is in the top five of state university presses nationally.

There was a presentation on the energy conservation plans of the three campuses. Executive Director of Facilities and Services Jack Dempsey reported on UIUC plans. So far, the campus has reduced steam usage 12.2% since FY 06, and electricity costs 7.5%. The campus goal is to reduce electricity costs 25%. Steps are being taken toward improved monitoring and control of energy usage. A key part of this program is “shadow billing,” sending campus units a detailed budget of energy usage and costs; currently the purpose is to provide better information for self-monitoring and reductions. Eventually, the campus plans to revert actual energy funds to these units so that their reductions would create incentive-based rewards; conversely, decisions about unit expansion would need to factor in increased energy costs. Finally, a full-time Director of Energy Conservation has been hired.

Vice President Walter Knorr presented a preliminary FY 10 budget. It includes a $108 million incremental increase, plus an additional $10 million increase targeted to training new health care professionals. This figure includes a proposed 3% merit increase and 1.5% recruitment and retention increase.

Trustee Sperling asked if this 4.5% increase was adequate to address faculty salary needs. President White replied that if the university could count on a sustained 4.5% increase over time, it would be sufficient.

Vice President Mike Bass reported on capital projects: for the Urbana campus these included renovations and repairs to the English Building; David Kinley Hall; the Armory; Burrill Hall; Gregory Hall; the Medical Sciences Building; the School of Social Work; the Newmark Civil Engineering Building; and the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall.

On the regular agenda, the Trustees approved an Interim Vice Chancellor for Research; an Executive Director for the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability; and renamed the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, all on the Urbana Campus.

Respectfully submitted,

Nicholas Burbules, Senate Observer