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October 1, 2007


Senate Executive Committee

SC.08.03    Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund (ACLGF) Advisory Committee


The Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund (hereafter “The Fund”) is an endowment established within the University of Illinois Foundation to support faculty projects consistent with the broad purposes of its stated mission.

More information can be found at:


After discussions with the Chancellor, the Senate Executive Committee recommends the formation of an Advisory Committee to consult with the Chancellor on projects funded by this endowment. All projects require the Chancellor’s approval.

For the first year, this would be an Ad Hoc group; but SEC recommends formalizing its composition and mission and including it in an Addendum to the Fund’s founding documents, within a year from now.

The purposes of this Advisory Committee would be fourfold:

1. To work with the Chancellor in reviewing and evaluating proposals for funding that come to the Fund for approval. Because these will probably increase in number as the Fund grows, it will be increasingly difficult for the Chancellor to screen these alone.

2. To work with the Chancellor to ensure that any academic activity which invokes an identification with the UIUC campus is subject to appropriate review within a structure of shared governance. Currently the Fund is housed within the UI Foundation, but many of its documents identify it explicitly as a part of the UIUC campus.

3. To work with the Chancellor to ensure that the Fund retains its identity as a funding source to support faculty scholarship and teaching, and to guarantee that any future proposal to acquire status as an independent entity (hiring a Director, formal designation as an Academy, sponsoring events under its own auspices, etc.) is subject to appropriate review and approval.

4. To work with the Chancellor to ensure that this entity, like all university activities, upholds the highest standards of quality, academic freedom, and respect for multiple points of view.


Nicholas C. Burbules, Chair