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February 20, 2006


Senate Executive Committee
(Final - Action)

SC.06.07 Approval of Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) Nomination Slate

In accord with provisions approved by the Senate on March 30, 1998, the Senate Executive Committee (SEC) recommends the following slate of nominations for Senate approval. The source of each nomination is in parentheses. (CCóCommittee on Committees). Some nominators did not avail themselves of their full number of nominations.
Nominations to fill one faculty vacancy in:

Physical and Mathematical Sciences:

Professor Jay Bass (LAS)
Dept. of Geology

Professor Aimo Hinkkanen (CC)
Dept. of Mathematics

Professor Michael Weissman (ENGR)
Dept. of Physics

Nominations from the floor are not in order. Each person named above is willing to serve. A selection committee consisting of the Chair and Vice Chair of the SEC and the Provost will select the CBOC members from among the above nominees.

Senate Executive Committee

Vernon Burton, Chair

Continuing CBOC members

Basic and Applied Life Sciences:
Professor James Imlay
Dept. of Microbiology
Professor Adrienne Perlman
Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science

Behavioral and Social Sciences:
Professor Charles Kahn
Dept. of Economics
Professor Laurian Unnevehr
Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Professor Mark Rood
Dept. of Computer Science
Professor Peter Sauer
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Humanities and Creative Arts:
Professor Abbas Aminmansour
School of Architecture
Professor Gail Hawisher
Dept. of English

Physical/Mathematical Sci.:
Professor Jon Thaler
Dept. of Physics

Professional Programs/Library:
Professor Mary Eamon
School of Social Work
Professor Arlette Willis
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction