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October 24, 2005

University of Illinois
Urbana-Champaign Senate

SC.06.03, Report of the Board of Trustees Meeting, UIUC, September 8, 2005

In actions affecting this campus the Board:

- Appointed Bill Riley Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

- Adopted Guideline #8 for consensus on Chief Illiniwek concerning high integrity - athletic programs

- Approved request for new operating and capital appropriations for Fiscal Year 2007*

- Approved contract award for Renovation Organic Laboratory and Library in Noyes Laboratory

- Employed architect/engineer for Library/Undergraduate Library Improvement (Sprinklers) Project

- Employed architect/engineer for Natural History Survey

- Employed architect/engineer for phase one of the Memorial Stadium Phased Development Plan, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics

- Employed architect/engineer for south campus chilled water improvements

- Employed construction manager for instructional facility, College of Business

- Approved conference center project

- Approved purchase of fuel for Building Services

* FY 2007 priorities and amounts for UIUC are: repair and renovation $ 12.45 M, deferred maintenance $ 12 M, Lincoln Hall remodeling $ 50.8 M, South Farms realignment $ 131.3 M, Electrical & Computer Engineering Bldg (match) $ 30 M, for a total of $ 236.55 M

In actions affecting not just this campus the Board:

- Approved appointments to the faculty, administrative/professional staff, and intercollegiate athletic staff

- Approved the operating budget for Fiscal Year 2006

- Approved academic appointments for contract year 20052006

- Approved requests for new operating and capital appropriations for Fiscal Year 2007

- Renewed Fiscal Year 2006 agreements for UI Alumni Association and UI Foundation

Presentations on FY 2007 operating budget needs cited $ 61.1M to strengthen academic quality [$ 9.6 M academic programs, $ 12.2 M new teaching/research faculty,

$ 39.3 M compensation (4% merit, 0.5% compression, recruitment, and retention)].

The needs also include $ 9.5 M for deferred maintenance (repair and renovation plus operations and maintenance), and $ 13.1 M to meet inflationary costs, for a grand total of

$ 83.7 M (which is 7% of FY 2006 base). This is the first year of a projected five-year plan that includes reducing the current student/faculty ratio of 21.3 (steadily up from 15.7 in 1983) to 18.4. By contrast, current ratios are Michigan 15.8, Northwestern 13.5 and Duke 7.9.

John E. Prussing
UIUC Senate Observer