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September 19, 2005

University of Illinois

Urbana-Champaign Senate


SC.05.12 Report of the Board of Trustees’ Meeting, UIC, July 14, 2005In actions affecting this campus the Board:

· Installed new student Trustee Nickolas Klitzing · Adopted a resolution on guidelines for consensus on Chief Illiniwek saying we will retain the terms Illini and Fighting Illini. · Appointed 7 professors to the Center for Advanced Study · Amended the contract of Bruce Weber to increase his salary and create a bonus if he remains as coach to 2011. (No state funds involved.) · Approved 16 new faculty appointments, 9 professors to emeritus status, 43 promotions to full professor and 57 to associate professor with four grants of tenure, no change in rank. · Established the American Indian Studies Program in LAS. · Approved combining two majors in agricultural and consumer economics. · Renamed the M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering to electrical and computer engineering. · Approved the project for student dining and residential programs building and first wing of a new residence hall to include students now in Beckwith Hall. · Approved the project and architect/engineer for a new College of Business instructional building. · Employed an architect/engineer for an addition to the Irwin Academic Services Center. · Employed architect/engineer for phase one of the Memorial Stadium Development Plan. (total final cost will be well over $100M) · The Building and Grounds Committee approved the design and site for the McFarland Memorial Tower (185 feet high) to be located due south of the main library and due west of the ACES library. · The Building and Grounds Committee approved the design and site for the hotel and restaurant to be built as part of the South Campus Development near St. Mary’s Road.

In actions affecting not just this campus the Board:

· Approved retaining a firm to aid in enforcing the University’s intellectual property rights. · Approved issuing bonds to cover the costs of various projects.

Vice Presidents Gardner and Rugg gave a preliminary review of the university’s budget request. Four major themes were articulated: strengthen academic quality; ensure access, opportunity, and diversity; fix the deferred maintenance problem; and meet inflationary cost increases. This is the first year of a projected five-year plan. This suggests a possible request of 7.6% of the current base: $61M for academic quality divided into $3.2M for academic programs, $9.8M for new faculty and $48M for compensation (4% merit and 1.5% for compression, recruitment and retention issues). Ensuring access via financial aid was set at $7.4M, deferred maintenance and new O&M $10.3M, and inflationary costs at $11.5M for a total of $90.2. One chart showed the University’s significant increase in student/faculty ratio from 15.7 in 1983 to 21.3 in 2005 in contrast to Michigan’s 15.8, Northwestern’s 13.5 and Duke’s 7.9. In 1982 the salary gap between UIUC and Research I private universities was $2,700 (inflation adjusted) versus $17,000 now.

The Capital Budget request noted that there had been no state capital budget the last two years and before that recent major funding had come for the College of Medicine or for economic development, not classroom or instructional facilities. The capital request for this campus had repair and renovation and dealing with deferred maintenance as the top two priorities as did the other campuses. Next in priority were Lincoln Hall remodeling, South Farms realignment matching funds for an electrical and computer engineering building and Burrill Hall remodeling. The presentation was made with a caveat noting the likelihood of limited state support for the five-year horizon used in current planning.The Board heard presentations on the Flash Index presented by Fred Giertz and a presentation on characteristics of high performing organizations by John Loya.

Ken Andersen

Senate Observer