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February 16, 2004

University of Illinois
Board of Trustees Meeting
UIC Union Room B & C
Thursday, 15 January 2004

Chair Eppley called the meeting to order at 8:45am

Public Comments
Damian Kogan, UIUC PRC
- Eliminate the chief

Tracy Welsh, UIUC
- Eliminate the chief
- Eliminate "Fighting Illini"

Joe Palesic, American Indian Center of Chicago
- Eliminate the chief

Election of Board Chair
- Nominations for Eppley were moved, seconded and voted unanimous (MSV)
- Nominations for the following:
Controller Steve Rugg
Legal Counsel Tom Bearrows
Secretary Michele Thompson

Authorize Chair and Secretary to sign vouchers

Resolution Commending U of I Employees for Active Duty Service

Chancellor Cantor presented three items:
- Establish Department of Bioinformatics
- Discontinue B.S. in Economics
- Discontinue B.S. in Teaching Computer Science

Chancellor Manning presented one item:
- Revoke B.S. degree of student in Mathematics and Computer Science

VP Gardner presented one item:
- Change enrollment deposits

Controller Rugg presented three items:
- West Campus Recreation Center UIC for $9.8M
- Job Order Contracting (JOC) UIUC for $14M deals with renovation, small construction and remodeling of campus facilities
- Purchases: $5.7M for diagnostic imaging equipment UIUC; $ .6M for Material Research Lab UIUC Scanning Electron Microscope System (ASEM)
All these items MSV

University Senates Conference Report
- Meetings
- Budget
Non-tenure track faculty usage
Same sex partners benefits
Evaluation of fitness to work - report to President

UIC Senate Report
- Budget
- Revisions of Constitution and bylaws
- Classified research not to be performed on campus
- Reading day before finals - dropped
- Sanctions less than dismissed
- Free speech policy

U of I Alumni Report
- 120K members
- On line directory has 40K users
- Alumni Center on UIUC Campus groundbreaking will be held during graduation weekend 2004

U of I Foundation
- New gifts $187M in 2003
- $168M cash flow 2003, 119,275 total gifts
- Endowment $1.4B June 2003, 12% return per year for past decade
- UIC Medical Center, Hospital and College of Medicine to have own development centers
- Planning for new campaigns "One Great U, Three Distinct Campuses"
- Extended discussions by the Board of endowments (restricted and unrestricted) and substitutions of private giving to replace budget cuts was viewed as a bad idea

Legal Affairs Committee, Trustee Bruce
State Ethics Legislation
2 Bills passed in January 2004: House - PA 93-615; Senate - SB PA 93-617

Key Changes for U of I
- External entities created
- Gift provisions strengthened
- New restrictions
- political activities
- lobbying
- employment with outside vendors
- protection for whistle-blowers
- increase public access to statements of economic interest

Ethics Training - annual program 2004 will be presented on line

Personnel Policies must be adapted to IBHE by 02/01/04

Procurement - cannot work for vendor for one year after leaving U of I if involved in > $25,000 of work
- Spouse and immediate family restrictions

Political Activity
- Prohibited on state time and property
- Exception for collective bargaining

Gift Ban
- "No state employee may solicit or accept a gift from a prohibited source"

U of I Ethics Officer - Executive Director of Audits

Approval of 12 July 2003 minutes

Authorization for Settlements: $ 3M Samuel vs. Jackson; $ .575m Coney vs. Yoo ET. Al.

Board adjourned for Executive Session


Board reconvened at 1:45pm

Building and Grounds Committee, Trustee Shah

Teng & Associates presentation on "Micro and Nanotechnology Lab Addition and Remodel" UIUC
3 Part Addition:
I Entrance
II Research Lab/Offices
III Offices

Chancellor Cantor spoke in support:
- Cross discipline initiative
- Signature building for the campus
- Technology transfer opportunities

Design was MSV. Project to be completed in October 2006

Finance and Investment Committee - Trustee Gindorf

Moody's presentation of "Assessment of U of I's Debt Capacity"
- U of I rated Aa3 - excellent
- Plans for 2004 will approach limit of debt capacity

U of I Debt Policy - Doug Bechman
- Draft proposal for a debt policy was presented for information

Academic Affairs Committee - Trustee Schmidt
- Presentation of UIUC faculty: Professor Onyuksel, College of Pharmacy, Drug Delivery Professor Brian Hales, College of Architecture, Levittown

Next Meeting
- 11 March at UIUC

Adjournment 3:00pm

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph E. Finnerty, UIUC Senate Observer
15 January 2004