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September 25, 2000


Senate Council

SC.01.03 Procedures for Selecting a Search Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of a Chancellor

Chancellor Michael Aiken has announced his retirement, effective August 20, 2001. Relevant excerpts from the University Statutes and the Senate Constitution and Bylaws which govern the selection of a new chancellor are as follows:

University Statutes, Article I, Section 5, Paragraph 2:
On the occasion of the appointment of a new chancellor, the President shall have the advice of a committee selected by the Senate of the campus concerned.

Senate Bylaws, Part F, Paragraph 5:
The composition of a committee selected by the Senate to advise the President on the occasion of the appointment of a new chancellor shall be determined by the Senate. The Committee will be composed of faculty and student members elected in accordance with Article V, Section 11 of the Senate Constitution. Any representatives of other University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign constituencies shall be nominated in consultation with representative bodies of those constituencies and shall be elected by the full Senate.

Senate Constitution, Article V, Section 11:
When the Senate selects members of a search committee, faculty senators shall nominate and elect faculty members of the committee and student senators shall nominate and elect student members of the committee in separate votes.

Senate Council is proposing a search committee consisting of a faculty member as chair, eight additional faculty members, two students (one graduate or professional and one undergraduate), one dean or director, one academic professional, and one nonacademic employee. This composition is the same as for the two most recent chancellor searches (1987 and 1992) and differs only slightly from the three previous searches.

Council is also proposing to the Senate that the Committee on Committees present one nominee for the position of Chair; from 12 to 17 nominees for the eight additional faculty positions; and from 2 to 4 nominees for the two student positions.

The Senate Council moves that the following composition of the chancellor search committee be approved by the Senate:

Chair: One member of the faculty. A nomination will be made jointly by the Committee on Committees and the Senate Council after consultation with the President.

Eight additional faculty members. The Committee on Committees will propose no fewer than 12 and no more than 17 members of the faculty electorate. Senate will directly elect 5 faculty members and Senate Council will elect 3 from the nominees of the Committee on Committees.

Two students. One undergraduate student and one graduate or professional student, with the Committee on Committees proposing no fewer than two and no more than four members of the student electorate.

Three members -one dean or director, one academic professional and one nonacademic employee - to be selected by the Senate from nominations received in consultation with the Council of Deans, Professional Advisory Committee, and Staff Advisory Council, respectively.

The Committee on Committees shall provide a brief biographical sketch of each nominee. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the Senate in accordance with Article V, Section 11, of the Senate Constitution. Only faculty members are eligible to nominate and elect faculty members of the search committee, and only student members are eligible to nominate and elect student members of the search committee in separate votes. For nominations from the floor, a brief biographical sketch shall be made available and the person nominated must be present to assent orally or must have provided a written statement of willingness to be nominated and to serve if elected.

Robert F. Rich, Chair
Nancy P. O'Brien, Vice-Chair
Wade Ackerman
Kenneth E. Andersen
Geneva Belford
Vernon Burton
Karen Chapman-Novakofski
Kelly Coyle
Robert Fossum
Michael Murphy
Jan Novakofski
Wesley D. Seitz
Joseph Stucki