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December 6, 1999


1. The meeting convened at 3:00 p.m. with Dr. Jeffrey Gindorf presiding.

2. Professor Robert Rich (Urbana) reported to the Board on behalf of the UIUC Senate Council and summarized the primary issues dealt with by the Council over the past year. A major topic was the Faculty Review Policy which concerns annual reviews and faculty review procedures. Provost Herman has appointed a committee to consider the implementation of review procedures. Other matters that Prof. Rich briefly discussed were:

a. The Support Services Strategy (S3)
b. The contribution of the Senate to research policy
c. Student participation in the Senate (organized around a student caucus)
d. The desire of the Senate Council to work with the Board of Trustees.

Following Prof. Rich's presentation, Trustee Gravenhorst asked if it were possible to attend meetings of the Senate Council. Also, Trustee Reese commended Bob Rich and the other organizers of a conference that was recently held in Urbana (Beckman Institute) on the subject of The Critical Issues Facing the University.

3. Professor Eliot Kaufmann presented the report for the University Senates Conference for the 1998-99 academic year. He informed the Board of Professor Skelton's passing and described a few of his contributions to the University and the Senates Conference. After describing the composition of the Conference, he briefly reviewed the two-fold purpose of the Conference as a link between the Board and University faculty (through the Senates) and as an advisory board to the Trustees through the President. He noted that a number of issues were considered by the Conference this past year, including: 1) Fitness To Work, 2) Faculty Review, 3) Conflicts of Commitment, and 4) Part-Time Faculty.

4. Trustee Reese raised concerns regarding the proposed retail space in the South Campus Program in Chicago. She expressed concerns about parking and the inexperience of the University as a "retail landlord."

5. The Hospital and Clinics Committee of the Board, chaired by Trustee Roger Plummer, then discussed the financial status of the Hospital. Representatives of the Hunter group informed the Board that, because of several factors, a deficit exceeding $15M is now expected this year. Earlier, the shortfall had been anticipated to be approximately $10M. Contributing factors include a 2% reduction in admissions and a 3% increase in outpatient visits. To address this shortfall, emphasis is being placed on balancing staffing levels and patient volume with improved information systems. Both Trustees Engelbrecht and Reese asked several questions regarding the budget. Following this discussion, the Board adjourned for the day.

6. On Friday, the meeting began with a Public Comment period. Mr. William Lavicka spoke to the Board regarding renovations proposed for the Maxwell Street area and argued for preserving as many existing buildings as possible. Professor Steve Balcum, Professor of Economics at Roosevelt University, and Laurie Grove, a graduate student in art history at UIC, also urged the Board to preserve existing structures on Maxwell Street.

7. A representative of the Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO) spoke to the Board regarding health care for graduate students and conflict resolution policy.

8. Bill Nugent, Director of the UI Foundation, reported on the progress of the Campaign for Illinois. Following his comments, Mr. Nugent was commended by the Board for his years of service to the University and was applauded by all present.

9. Craig Bazzani described the steps taken across the University to prepare for Y2K. The University will be closed on Monday, January 3rd as a precaution and administration officials will be on site on New Year's Eve and January 1st to ensure that any problems are dealt with expeditiously.

10. Rick King reported on the Enterprise Resource Planning project. Five vendors responded to the original solicitation and the field has now been narrowed to two firms: People Soft and SCT. It is estimated that full implementation of a new system will require approximately four years.

11. The recommendations for tuition and fees for the 2000-2001 academic year were presented to the Board. Chet Gardner introduced the presentations by noting that it is customary to provide the Board with and "early alert" in October concerning expected rate increase proposals. The Board will vote on the proposed increases at its meeting in November.

Steve Rugg discussed the evolution of tuition and fees over the past decade. He was followed by the Provosts of the Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana campuses who summarized their priorities of the coming fiscal year. Provost Hoffman informed the Board that TA salaries and the library are of highest priority while, for Springfield, a Student Center is a necessity. At Urbana, the library remains an urgent priority. Craig Bazzani concluded the discussion by answering questions.

12. President Stukel introduced guests and Chancellor Lynn thanked the Trustees for their support of the Capitol Scholars Program that recently became a reality.

13. The meeting was adjourned by Dr. Gindorf.

Respectfully Submitted,

J. Gary Eden (UIUC)
November 4, 1999