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March 29, 2004


Committee on Information Technology
(Final; Action)

IT.04.01, Proposed Modifications to Policy on Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems, Section 7.b

Section 7.b of the Policy on Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems discussed News Services on the campus. In the past, Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) ran a service for the campus called "news." CITES no longer runs "news" although they do provide similar services. Other groups are running "news" servers and the policy has been modified to more clearly define that "news" is a service rather than a specific product. The policy has also been modified to clarify that the policies apply to all campus groups running "news" services. An addition to the policy is that news groups may have charters that restrict topics to those within the charter.

The Senate Committee on Information Technology recommends approval of the following revisions to the Policy on Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems, Section 7.b. Text to be deleted is in [square brackets] and text to be added is underscored.

7. Responsibilities in Managing UIUCnet
b) News Services*: CITES and other campus groups offer[s] news services, which may include news groups originating on- and off-campus, including commercially provided groups of interest to the campus community. Those running these services [CITES] will not review in advance or censor the content of the groups provided (except for ii below). However, if the presence of a news group is likely to impact campus services adversely or if a posting is in violation of law or university policy, the service provider [CITES] may elect not to distribute that news group or may elect to remove that submission [posting]. Examples might include [news] postings that violate copyright law or news groups that generate burdensome amounts of traffic on the network or campus computers.

George Francis, Chair
Abbas Aminmansour
Joel Jordan
Ruth King
John Lawler
Dick Mintel
Randall S. Ott
David Padua
Donald Schmidt
Chuck Thompson
Tom Ward
Rich Mendola, Ex officio
Peter Siegel, Ex officio