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Illinois Board of Higher Education/
Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting
25 June 1999
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE)
Edwardsville, Illinois

The meeting was called to order by Chair Fred Flener at 9:05. Flener introduced David Warner, President of SIUE, who welcomed the members to SIUE. [President Warner had hosted an elegant dinner for the members on the previous evening.]

Flener then turned the floor over to Debra Smitley, Deputy Director for Budgets and Administration, IBHE. Smitley summarized the Spring 1999 Legislative Session for members of the committee. Her remarks were supplemented by handouts. She mentioned that the legislature had a very productive session that had addressed many significant issues. Flener called the business meeting to order. The minutes of the two previous meetings were approved.

A resolution calling for Full Funding for salary increases was discussed and then referred to a subcommittee. A principal item on the agenda was the transfer of power to new officers. Before turning the chair over to Wilma Miranda, Flener gave some concluding remarks which he called "Impressions of the Chair", emphasizing that they were personal in nature. He urged the committee to be proactive, not reactive; to work more hastily in order to get things done in a timely fashion. He mentioned that support for Executive Director Keith Sanders continues to grow. Flener then passed the gavel to Miranda.

Miranda asked to approval of a motion to thank Flener for his service as chair and to thank the outgoing members for their service on the committee.

The formal meeting then adjourned.

Members continued to discuss informally the subcommittee structure of the committee as well as future issues that would arise. It was decided to keep three subcommittees. Future issue were:

The meeting ended before noon. Several members toured the campus.

Robert M. Fossum
(attending for Terry Weech)