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September 19, 2005

University of Illinois
Urbana-Champaign Senate
Final; Information

HE.05.15 Report on the IBHE Faculty Advisory Council Meeting, June 24, 2005

The FAC met in the Trutter Center on the campus of Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC), Springfield; Chair Allan Karnes (SIU-C) presided. Special guests were Representative Jim Watson (R), Jacksonville (97th District), and representatives of the IBHE Student Advisory Committee (SAC).

Marcia Bagg (LLCC, FAC representative) introduced a representative of the administration, who brought greetings from the president of the college. LLCC was established in 1967 in Springfield, and it serves the largest community college district in Illinois, all or parts of 15 counties, with the 8th largest student body.

Following the welcome, Chair Karnes introduced Rep. Watson, who discussed issues of state budget and pension reform. There was a lively discussion, and everyone came out better informed. Watson believed that now was the time for faculty to contact their legislators to thank them for their vote on pension reform or, on the contrary, to tell them that faculty were not happy with the way they voted.

Chair Karnes introduced representatives of the SAC, an organization of students within the state who “promote students' rights, concerns, and welfare to the IBHE.” The discussion focused on a preliminary draft of SAC’s recommendations on affordability of textbooks and course packets. One idea that generated a lot of discussion was that of “textbook rental.” There were advocates among FAC on both sides of the idea. The SAC asked FAC to respond to recommendations and to find a common ground so that the SAC and FAC might work together to achieve affordable textbooks and course packets for students. The SAC and FAC agreed to improve communications on this and other issues.

Before lunch, results of the FAC’s elections for 2005-06 officers were announced: Terry Riddell (Quincy) was elected secretary, Anne Draznin (UIS) was elected vice chair, and Wayne Evens (Bradley) was elected chair. Chairmanship was transferred to Evens.

After lunch, the meeting resumed with Chair Evens presiding. He immediately appointed an ad-hoc committee, chaired by Allan Karnes (SIU-C), to recommend issues to discuss over the next year. No committee meetings were held.

Following approval of the minutes of the 20 May meeting, presentation of courtesy resolutions, and discussion on starting times, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Michael Grossman
UIUC Senate FAC Alternative Representative