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TO:                 Senate
FROM:           John Prussing, Chair, General University Policy Committee (GUP)
DATE:            April 14, 2008
RE:                  GP.07.04A

At the March 31, 2008, Senate meeting, GP.07.04, Multi-Year Contract Option for Eligible Academic Staff: Implementation Proposals (MYC), was approved, pending review of the process for appeals for termination of contract with cause.

The Senate asked the Senate Executive Committee to work out an arrangement with the Chancellor for bringing some extra-administrative entity into the loop for appeals.  Senator Bill Maher, who raised the issue, suggested some amendatory language, which was modified by Dick Schacht, who has overseen the MYC process for several years.

This proposed revised language in Attachment 3 (original attachment enclosed) was recommended, and has been approved by the Chancellor and the Provosts’ offices.  GUP recommends Senate approval of these revisions (in CAPS):

(3) (i) Final disposition.  The Provost or Provost's designee shall CONSULT WITH THE CAMPUS FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE, AND THEN proceed to consider the appeal, giving due consideration to the letter of notice from the UEO, the hearing officer's report, and the written appeal and response, consulting with any of the parties involved as may be appropriate and needful....

(The full original proposal is at