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April 25, 2005



Prefiled Resolution

(Final - Action)

FB.05.01 Resolution on Parking Policies

Whereas, In many institutions and industries, parking is offered to employees at no cost or at considerably lower rates than at UIUC; and

Whereas, Any changes in parking fees should continue the policy of generating revenue levels necessary to maintain such facilities; and

Whereas, Vehicles housed in parking structures enjoy year round protection from the elements as opposed to those parked in open lots;

Be it resolved by the UIUC Senate that

1. Future parking rates be set to generate revenues to maintain parking lots and structures.

2. Parking in structures be at a higher rate than outside lot parking.

3. Differential parking rates, in three or four tiers, based on annual faculty, academic professional and staff incomes be initiated.

Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits
Barclay Jones, Chair
Jenny Barrett
Harry Hilton
Jonathan Keeble
Michelle Morganosky
James Davito, Ex officio
Anne Jennings, Ex officio (designee)
Terry Jobin, Observer
Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessey, Ex officio (designee)
Judy Rathgeber, Ex officio (designee)
Wesley Seitz, Ex officio