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March 17, 2003


Prefiled Resolution
(Final - Action)

FB.01.05 Resolution on Health Coverage for Contraception

Whereas, UIUC's current health coverage for contraception allows employees to fill some oral contraception prescriptions through McKinley Health Center at no cost; and

Whereas, This arrangement does not meet legal provisions of the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission's (EEOC) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which states that it is a violation of Title VII to fail to provide insurance coverage for prescription contraceptives when offering coverage for other prescriptions and devices (see attached); and

Whereas, Central Management Services does not mandate full health coverage for contraception with local HMOs; and

Whereas, Neither local HMO nor Quality Care offers UIUC employees a full range of contraception coverage; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Urbana-Champaign Senate urges the administration to provide coverage for the full range of contraception services for University employees.

Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits
Norman Denzin, Chair
Jenny Barrett
Harry Hilton
Alfred Kagan
Harriet Murav
Alan Nathan
Stan Wasserman
Judy Rathgeber, Ex officio (designee)
James Davito, Ex officio
Terry Jobin, Observer
Mary Ellen O'Shaughnessey, Ex officio (designee)
Ronald Peters, Ex officio
Mark Roszkowski, Ex officio
Wesley Seitz, Ex officio
Beth Slotnick, Ex officio (designee)