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April 28, 2008


Prefiled Resolution
(Final; Action)

EQ.08.03         Resolution Concerning Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes

Whereas,          The Nondiscrimination Statement (revised May 31, 2005) which prefaces the Statutes states that “the commitment of the University of Illinois to the most fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity requires that decisions involving students and employees be…free from invidious discrimination in all its forms,”;

Whereas,          The Student Code, Article 1, Part 2 states that “it is expected that students enrolled in the University will conduct themselves at all times in accordance with accepted principles of responsible citizenship and with due regard for the rights of others,” ; and

Whereas,          In spite of these statements, the perpetuation of demeaning racial, ethnic, and other stereotypes continues to occur.

Be it resolved that
The UIUC Senate reaffirms its opposition to the demeaning stereotyping of underrepresented, historically disadvantaged, and marginalized groups in programs and activities sponsored or endorsed by the University and its registered student, faculty, and staff organizations.

Senate Committee on Equal Opportunity and Inclusion
Belden Fields, Chair
Adriana Cuervo
Kevin Fritz
Justin Rhodes
Constance Shapiro
Ellie Tewksbury
Joyce Tolliver