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Proposal to Senate Committee on Educational Policy
Establishment of a Center for Public Safety


Henry Taylor, Director, Institute of Aviation, 244-8601


This proposal would integrate the Police Training Institute and the Fire Service Institute into a Center for Public Safety focused on the training of firefighters and police officers for purposes of public safety. The two Institutes have been temporarily confederated since their transfer to the campus in 1997, and the establishment of the proposed Center would formalize their relationship and enable them to maximize their public service roles.


In October 1997, a Committee on Public Safety Training was charged by then-Provost Larry Faulkner to recommend a governance structure that would integrate the Police Training Institute (PTI) and the Fire Service Institute (FSI) with the Institute of Aviation. While the Institute of Aviation has reported to the Provost since its inception, the PTI and FSI were formerly University entities that were transferred to the campus in the spring of 1997.

In October 1998, the Committee on Public Safety Training issued a report that recommended combining PTI, FSI, and the Institute of Aviation into a single confederated unit, a Center for Aviation and Public Safety Training. Educational Policy reviewed this proposal, but did not support it, since it combined an academic degree-granting unit (Aviation) with units whose academic mission is very different. This proposal serves as an alternative to that earlier proposal.

The proposed Center for Public Safety would leave Aviation an independent institute while integrating FSI and PTI. Both PTI and FSI would maintain their separate organizational identities and would have their own director, bylaws, funding, and committees, but each would report to the Director of the Center, who would oversee administrative functions such as personnel, major expenditures, and governance. Dr. Henry L. Taylor would serve as the Director of this new Center while also continuing to serve as Director of the Institute of Aviation.


No budgetary implications are expected.


No impact on undergraduate education is anticipated.


Richard H. Herman, Provost


Upon approval.