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March 8, 2005


Article 1 – Student Rights AND RESPONSIBILITIES



Preamble (old Statement on Individual Rights)1-102
In the Classroom (old Statement on Individual Rights)1-103
Campus Expression (old Statement on Individual Rights)1-104
Privacy (old Statement on Individual Rights)1-105
Student Records (old Statement on Individual Rights)1-106
Student Affairs (old Statement on Individual Rights)1-107
Religious Beliefs, Observances, and Practices (old Statement on Individual Rights)1-108
Nondiscrimination Policy (old Rule 1)1-109
Sexual Harassment Policy (old Rule 2)1-110
Policy for Accommodation and Provision of Auxiliary Aids for Students with Disabilities (old Rule 4)

Part 2. General Responsibilities of Students
Responsibilities of Students (old Rule 5)

Part 3. Student Discipline

Basis for Discipline – Source and Jurisdiction (old Rules 11 A, B, C, F)1-302
Rules of Conduct (old Rule 11E)1-303
Falsification of Documents (old Rule 14)1-304
Identification Cards (old Rule 15)1-305
Policy on Drugs (old Rule 16)1-306
Alcoholic Beverages (old Rule 17)1-307
Possession of Weapons (old Rule 19)1-308
Unauthorized Use, Abuse, or Interference with Fire Protection Equipment, Firefighting Personnel, or Warning Devices (old Rule 20)1-309
Certain Consequences of Disciplinary Action (old Rules 11D, 11G, 12, 48A3)

Part 4. Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity – Preamble (old Rule 33 Preamble)1-402
Infractions of Academic Integrity – Definitions (old Rule 33I)1-403
Penalties for Infraction of Academic Integrity (old Rule 33II)1-404
Procedures (old Rule 33III)1-405
Appeal Hearing Guidelines (old Rule 33IV)1-406
Following All Reviews and Appeals (old Rule 33V)Part 5. Class Attendance
All Students (old Rule 34A)1-502
Student Athletes (old Rule 34B)

Article 2 – General Policies and Regulations
Part 1. Medical Policies
Health Requirements—All Students (old Rule 8)2-102
Mandatory Assessment (old Rule 8.5)2-103
Student Health Insurance (old Rule 59)2-104
Policy for Individuals with HIV Disease (old Rule 3)2-105
Policy and Procedures for Involuntary Withdrawal of Students for Psychiatric Reasons (old Rule 9)Part 2. Housing Policies
Certified Single Student Housing (old Rule 6)2-202
Living Quarters of Students (old Rule 7)Part 3. Registered Organizations AND ORGANIZATION FUND
Classification of Organizations (old Rule 102-footnote 13)2-302
Preamble (old Rule 102-first six paragraphs)2-303
Requirements for Registration (old Rule 102 B, C, F5)2-304
Sanctions of Registered Organizations (old Rule 102D)2-305
Organization Fund (old Rule 102E)2-306
Organization Fund – Purpose (old Rule 102F1)2-307
Organization Fund – Status (old Rule 102F2)2-308
Organization Fund – Scope (old Rule 102F3)2-309
Organization Fund – Administration (old Rule 102F4)2-310
Purposes for Which Organization Funds May Be Used (old Rule 102F6)2-311
Procedures for Organization Fund Operations (old Rule 102F7)2-312
University Credit Policies (old Rule 102F8)2-313
Withdrawal of Organization Fund Privileges (old Rule 102F9)2-314
Dormant Accounts (old Rule 102F10)2-315
Organization Fund – Advisory Board (old Rule 102F11)2-316
Functions of the Organization Fund Advisory Board (old Rule 102F13)2-317
Annual Meetings (old Rule 102F12)Part 4. University Property and Facilities – In General
Pets and Animals on University Property (old Rule 23)2-402
Library Regulations (old Rule 35)2-403
Smoking Policy (old Rule 18)2-404
Picketing (old Rule 21)2-405
Solicitation (Including Political Canvassing) and Commercial Activity in University Residence Hall (old Rule 22)2-406
Posting and Distribution of Handout Materials (old Rule 103D)Part 5. Use of University Premises and Facilities
Preamble (old Rule 103-first two paragraphs)2-502
Eligibility (old Rule 103A)2-503
Reservation Procedures (old Rule 103B)2-504
The Priority System (old Rule 103C)2-505
Requirements and Limitations (old Rule 103E; F; G; H 1-10, 12)2-506
Events Involving Professional Performers (old Rule 103 H11)2-507
Committee on the Use of Facilities (old Rule 103I)2-508
Special Provisions for Use of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (old Rule 103J)2-509
Special Provisions for Use of the Assembly Hall (old Rule 103K)2-510
Special Provisions for Use of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (old Rule 103L)2-511
Provisions for Use of the Allerton Park and Conference Center (old Rule 103M)Part 6. Motor Vehicles and Bicycles
Operation of Motor Vehicles (old Rule 28)2-602
Automobiles (old Rule 29)2-603
Use of Motorcycles (Including Motor Scooters and Motor-Driven Bicycles) (old Rule 30)2-604
Parking Citations—All Students, Staff, and Others (old Rule 32)2-605
Operation of Bicycles (old Rule 31)2-606
Use of In-Line Skates, Roller Skates, and Skateboards (old Rule 31.5)Part 7. CHANCELLOR’S EMERGENCY POWERS
Basis for Chancellor’s Emergency Powers (old Rule 13)

Part 8. Procedures for Grievances and Complaints
Grievance Procedures in Matters of Religious Beliefs, Observances, and Practices (old Rule 24)2-802
Policy and Procedures for Addressing Discrimination and Harrassment (old Rule 25)

Article 3. Academic Policies and Regulations

Part 1. Grades and Grading System
Academic Work Report Requirements (old Rule 69)3-102
Grading System—Grades Authorized for All Colleges (old Rule 70)3-103
Computation of Scholastic Averages (old Rule 71)3-104
Other Grade Symbols in Use (old Rule 72)3-105
Credit-No Credit Grading Options (old Rule 73)3-106
Grade Corrections—All Students (old Rule 74)3-107
Procedures for Review of Alleged Capricious Grading—All Students (old Rule 26)3-108
Procedures for Review of Instructor’s Ability to communicate in English—All Students (old Rule 27)3-109
Academic Progress (old Rule 79)3-110
Probation and Drop Rules—Undergraduate Students (old Rule 80)Part 2. Examinations
Final Examinations (old Rule 82)3-202
Evening, Midterm, and Hourly Examinations—All Students (old Rule 83)3-203
Proficiency Examinations (old Rule 84)3-204
Special Examinations—Undergraduate Students (old Rule 85)
Part 3. Registration, Course Changes, and Withdrawal
Number of Hours Required (old Rule 36)3-302
Classification of Undergraduate Students (old Rule 37)3-303
Registration—All Students (old Rule 38)3-304
Registration of Nondegree Students (old Rule 39)3-305
Registration of Visitors—All Students (old Rule 40)3-306
Payments—All Students (old Rule 41)3-307
Late Registration—All Students (old Rule 42)3-308
Cancellation of Registration (old Rule 43)3-309
Repeated Undergraduate Courses (old Rule 44)3-310
Correspondence and Extramural Courses (old Rule 45)3-311
Adding and Dropping Courses—Undergraduate Students (old Rule 46)3-312
Withdrawal from Courses for Academic Deficiency—Undergraduate Students (old Rule 47)3-313
Withdrawal from the University—General Rules (old Rule 48)3-314
Withdrawal from the University for Military or Other National Defense Services (old Rule 49)Part 4. Undergraduate Academic Recognition
The Dean’s List (old Rule 86)3-402
Campus Honors Program—Chancellor’s Scholars (old Rule 87)3-403
Edmund J. James Scholars (old Rule 88)3-404
University Honors—Bronze Tablet (old Rule 99)3-405
Undergraduate College Honors (old Rule 100)Part 5. Registration Charges
Tuition Assessment (old Rule 50)3-502
Tuition Assessment—University Employees (old Rule 51)3-503
Tuition Waivers (old Rule 52)3-504
Tuition—Waiver of Nonresident Portion (old Rule 53)3-505
Fee Assessments (old Rule 54)3-506
Fee Waivers and Exemptions (old Rule 55)3-507
Payment Requirement (old Rule 56)3-508
Installment Payment Plan (old Rule 57)3-509
Refunds of Registration Charges (old Rule 58)3-510
Students in Debt to the University (old Rule 10)

Part 6. STUDENT RECORDS – GUIDELINES and Regulations Governing Access and Release
Authorization and Responsibility for Policy Implementation (old Rule 60)3-602
Definitions (old Rule 61)3-603
Access to Student Records (old Rule 62)3-604
Regulations for Record Custodians (old Rule 63)3-605
Classification, Locations, and Custodians of Student Records (old Rule 64)3-606
Procedures for Student Access and Challenge (old Rule 65)3-607
Chancellor’s Hearing Panel (old Rule 66)3-608
Disposal of Inactive Records (old Rule 67)3-609
Release of Student Information and Academic Records by the Office of Admissions and Records (old Rule 68)Part 7. Transcripts
Availability (old Rule 75)3-702
Information Appearing on All Transcripts (old Rule 76)3-703
Other Notations Appearing on Transcripts (old Rule 77)3-704
Description and Definition of Information Appearing on Transcripts (old rule 78)Part 8. Graduation
Residence Requirements (old Rule 89)3-802
Minimum Scholarship Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree (old Rule 91)3-803
English Requirement for Graduation—Undergraduate Students (old Rule 92)3-804
Withholding Conferral of Degree—All Students (old Rule 94)3-805
Credit for Kinesiology (Physical Education)—Undergraduate Students (old Rule 95)3-806
Language Credit—Undergraduate Students (old Rule 97)3-807
Credit for Undergraduate Open Seminar Courses (old Rule 98)

In General (old Appendix B) 3-902
Regulations (old Appendix B) 3-903
Factors in Determining Residency (old Appendix B) 3-904
Procedures (old Appendix B)