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October 6, 2008


Committee on Committees

CC.09.03 Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate

Academic Freedom and Tenure
Fard, Mani Golparvar      GRAD                             2009
Park, Chan                    MED                               2009
Walsh, Matt                  FAA                                2009

Deitz, Tyler                    BUS                                2009
Hastings, Kaitlyn           LAS                                2009
Magginas, Maria            LAS                                2009
Vasko, John                  LAS                                2009

Morrow, Trenton             LAS                                2009
Tran, Bradley                 ENGR                             2009

Campus Operations
Humphrey, Heather        AP                                  2010
Jones, Michael Thomas  ACES                              2009
Matteson, Tyler              FAA                                2009

Conference on Conduct Governance
Kingston, Lance             GRAD                             2009
Mills, Sean                    ACES                             2010
Sancho, Jocindee          LAS                                2010
Umlah, Justin                LAW                               2010

Educational Policy
Jankowski, Natasha       GRAD                             2009
Lewis, Casey                 ENGR                             2009
Schroeder, Jeffrey          ENGR                             2009
Vargas, Angelica           LAS                                2009
Wallrich, Amelia            LAS                                2009

Equal Opportunity and Inclusion
Fritz, Kevin                    AHS                                2009
Ravji, Zenobia                GRAD                             2009

General University Policy
Rosa, Carlos Daniel       LAS                                2009
Sukhnatska, Iryna          LAS                                2009

Honorary Degrees
Calabrese, Frank           LAS                                2009
Remke, Jessica             LAS                                2009

Information Technology
DeKeyrel, Michelle         BUS                                2009
Wang, Felix                   ENGR                             2009

Hastings, Kaitlyn           LAS                                2009
Mallory, Mary                LIBR                                2010
Postula, Danielle            LAS                                2009
Prochaska, Jenna          FAA                                2009
Schmitt, Paul                LAS                                2009

Public Engagement
Keller, Robert                LAS                                2009
Kingston, Lance             GRAD                             2009

Student Discipline
Mills, Sean           BUS                                2009
O’Day, Jaclyn       LAS                                2009
Reschke, Matthew  LAS                                2009
Weber, Daniel          LAS                                2009

University Statutes & Senate Procedures
Bohleber, Arthur             BUS                                2009
Lynch, Patrick               GRAD                             2009

University Student Life
Dhake, Rohit                 BUS                                2009
McDonough, Michael      AHS                                2009
Rummage, Charitee       LAS                                2009
Yeong, Yong Han            GRAD                             2009

Committee on Committees
Kim Graber, Chair

Nominations from the floor must be accompanied by the nominee's signed statement of willingness to serve if elected.  The statement shall be dated and include the name of the position to be filled.  If present, the nominee's oral statement will suffice.