Senate of the Urbana-Champaign Campus

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Committee on Committees (Final ;Action ) CC. 05.09

Nominations for Membership on the University Senates Conference (USC)

University Senates Conference

To fill one faculty vacancy created by the resignation of Ward Henson

Robert Fossum LAS Term Expires 2007

There are nine (9) representatives from the Urbana campus to the University Senates Conference. Other members of the Urbana delegation to the USC, and the years their terms expire:

Joseph Finnerty BUS 2006

Michael Grossman ACES 2005

Barclay Jones ENGR 2006

Mary Mallory LIBR 2007

Richard Schacht LAS 2006

Joyce Tolliver LAS 2005

Matthew Wheeler ACES 2007

Priscilla Yu LIBR 2005

Committee on Committees John Prussing, ChairWard HensonLewis HopkinsKristoffer IntonGay MillerDan PetersonNina Tarr Nominations from the floor must be accompanied by the nominee's signed statement of willingness to serve if elected. The statement shall be dated and include the name of the position to be filled. If present, the nominee's oral statement will suffice.