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April 26, 2004

Committee on Committees
(Final - Action)

CC.04.13 Nominees for Membership on the Search Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of a Chancellor

After Chancellor Nancy Cantor announced her departure from this campus and University, effective in July 2004, the Committee on Committees scheduled a series of meetings to develop a slate of nominees. In an effort to reach as many faculty as quickly as possible, the Committee sent an e-mail soliciting faculty nominations to all senators, to all faculty, and to deans, directors, and department heads. As a result the Committee received and evaluated over 80 faculty nominations and a small number of undergraduate and graduate student nominations.

According to Article V, Section 11, of the Senate Constitution, faculty senators nominate and elect faculty members of search committees, and student senators nominate and elect student members of search committees in separate votes. Therefore, any nominations made from the floor will be subject to those restrictions. In addition, any nomination from the floor must be supported by the proposed nominee's signed and dated statement of willingness to serve on the search committee. If the nominee is present at the Senate meeting, an oral statement to that effect will suffice.

The Senate will elect five faculty members for the Committee; the Senate Executive Committee will elect an additional two from the slate below. Bios for all candidates may be found here.

Faculty Nominees
Ilesanmi Adesida (ENGR)
Mary Mallory (LIBR)
Abbas Aminmansour (FAA)
Alan Nathan (ENGR)
Warwick Arden (VMED)
Rolando Romero (LAS)
May Berenbaum (LAS)
Richard Schacht (LAS)
Renee Clift (EDUC)
Ira Solomon (BUS)
Faye M. Dong (ACES)
Nina Tarr (LAW)
Robert Fossum (LAS)
Bruce Wicks (ALS)

Student Nominees
Undergraduate Students (2 to be elected)
Hassen Al-Shawaf BUS
Amara Enyia COMM
Adam Jadhav LAS
Morgan Polikoff LAS

Graduate/Professional Students (1 to be elected)
Andrew Erkskine GRAD
Josh Rohrscheib LAW

Other Nominees (1 each to be elected)
David Daniel (ENGR)
Paula Kaufman (LIBR)

Academic Professional
Pam Hohn
David Robson

Non-Academic Employee
Franci Miller
Cindi Norton-Williams

Committee on Committees
John Prussing, Chair
Nancy Blake
Robert Darmody
Felipe Hillard
Frank Lacson
Gay Miller
Nina Tarr
Corey Zeller