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February 16, 2004

Committee on Committees

CC.04.09 Nominations for Student Membership on the Consultative Committee to Assist in the Selection of a President


Following President Stukel's retirement announcement, the Committee on Committees was asked to develop a slate of student nominees to a Consultative Committee. In accord with procedures recommended by the University Senates Conference (USC) and tentatively accepted by the Board of Trustees, there will be three students on the Consultative Committee, one from each campus - UIS: undergraduate, UIC: professional and UIUC: a graduate student.

Subsequent to this election, one of these two graduate students will be recommended by USC to serve on the Consultative Committee. (If there are no floor nominations, there will be no election and both names below will be forwarded to USC.)

According to Article V, Section 11 of the Senate Constitution, student senators nominate and elect student members of search committees. Any floor nomination must be supported by the proposed nominee's signed and dated statement of willingness to serve. If the nominee is present at the Senate meeting, an oral statement to that effect will suffice.


Aisha Lamb Sobh

B. Environmental Design, 1989, M.A.-Religious Studies 1998, University of Colorado at Boulder. Ph.D. candidate in History at UIUC. Teaching fields are the Middle East, Gender, Africa, and American History. My dissertation research examines the contemporary history (1958-present) of the social reproduction of Muslim communities in the U.S. through marriage and the family, education, and participation in American civil society using oral and archival sources.

Representative experience: 1999-present-combination of teaching assistantships (including American History 1867-present, and History and Civilization of the Islamic Middle East) and research posts. Continual departmental service, e.g. Graduate Representative for Diversity Committee, Teaching Awards, Conflict Resolution and sitting on committees for the Annual Gender History Conference.

Aaron Thomas

I am a first year MBA student at the University of Illinois. I graduated in May 2003. I majored in Business Administration with a concentration in M.I.S, was a President's Award recipient, and made the Dean's List. I worked as a student programmer for La Casa Cultural Latina, and was a member of the Illini Union Board Latino Programming Committee. In addition, I worked on the IUB Marketing and Web Development Committee, and Black Greek Council Marketing and Publicity Committee.

I was President, Vice President, and Treasurer of Phi Rho Eta Fraternity. I was President of Eusa Nia Black Student Union and most recently worked as a Tutor/Counselor for Upward Bound College Prep Academy. I serve as Area Coordinator for MentorTeacherBrother (MTB) mentorship program. MTB mentors approximately 75 high school men at Centennial, Central, and Urbana high school. I am hopeful to work with the selection committee, and consider it an honor to be considered for this opportunity. Through all of my experiences and work within the campus and community, I was able to build my skills as a leader. I have learned about patience, determination, and vision which are all vital attributes for a leader to have. I feel I would be an asset to this committee because I have worked with a variety of students and organizations across the campus, and I feel I am in touch with what issues and concerns the students are facing.

Committee on Committees
John Prussing, Chair
Nancy Blake
Robert Darmody
Felipe Hillard
Frank Lacson
Gay Miller
Nina Tarr
Corey Zeller