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February 16, 2004


Committee on Committees

CC.04.08 Nominations for Faculty Membership on the Consultative Committee to Assist in the Selection of a President


Following President Stukel's announcement of his intention to retire, the Senate Committee on Committees was asked to develop a slate of twelve faculty nominees from which eight are to be elected by faculty senators. If precedent holds, subsequent to this election, four of the eight will be recommended by University Senates Conference to serve on the Consultative Committee. According to Article V, Section 11 of the Senate Constitution, faculty senators nominate and elect faculty members of search committees. Also, any nomination from the floor must be supported by the proposed nominee's signed and dated statement of willingness to serve. If the nominee is present at the Senate meeting, an oral statement to that effect will suffice.

Nominations (bio-sketches attached)

Kal Alston EDUC
James D. Anderson EDUC
Warwick Arden VMED
Vernon Burton LAS
Faye M. Dong ACES
Robert M. Fossum LAS
Michael Grossman ACES
Michael Loui ENGR
Nancy O'Brien LIBR
Rolando Romero LAS
Richard Schacht LAS
Billie Theide FAA

Committee on Committees
John Prussing, Chair
Nancy Blake
Robert Darmody
Felipe Hillard
Frank Lacson
Gay Miller
Nina Tarr
Corey Zeller