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April 16, 2001
Committee on Committees
(Final - Action)

Nominations for Membership on the University Senates Conference
There are nine (9) representatives from the Urbana campus to the University Senates Conference. Continuing members of the Urbana delegation to the USC, and the years their terms expire:

Kal Alston EDUC 2002
Gordon Baker VMED 2002
Thomas Conry ENGR 2003
Robert Fossum LAS 2003
Robert Rich LAW 2003
Terry Weech LISC 2002

The following faculty senators are nominated for three-year terms on USC, expiring in 2004. See below for bio-sketches of each nominee. If no additional nominations are made, the three (3) nominees below will be declared elected:

Edwin Herricks ENGR
Nancy O’Brien LIBR
Bryan White ACES
Committee on Committees
Karen Chapman-Novakofski, Chair
Meredith Blumthal
Oscar Biondolillo
Peter Colwell
Thomas F. Conry
Linda Smith
Billy Vaughn
Emily Watts

Nominations from the floor must be accompanied by the nominee's signed statement of willingness to serve if elected. The statement shall be dated and include the name of the position to be filled. If present, the nominee's oral statement will suffice.

Edwin Herricks
Edwin Herricks is a Professor of Environmental Biology in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He joined the University of Illinois faculty in 1975. He has been affiliated with the Department of Ecology, Ethology and Evolution and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, and has taught in summer sessions at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory and the University of Pittsburgh Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. He was a Fulbright Fellow in Yugoslavia and held a Guest Chair at the University of Essen. Herricks has served on numerous departmental, College and University committees including departmental Promotions and Tenure, and College Teaching Evaluation and Improvement Committees

. He has served the campus on the Council on Undergraduate Education, Health and Human Development Task Group, Center for Writing Studies Advisory Committee, Senate Task Group on Instructional Facilities, Senate Review Commission, Educational Policy Committee, Committee on Campus Operations, and Faculty Review Implementation Committee. He has also served on the Allerton Park Advisory Board, Faculty Advisory Committee, the Graduate College Fellowship Board, and the Environmental Council.

Nancy P. O’BrienAs Head of the Education and Social Science Library, Professor O'Brien's work entails making sure that consistent, high quality library service is provided to students and faculty in the College of Education, the School of Social Work, and the Departments of Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Speech Communication, as well as to other users of the unit's resources. As Coordinator for the Social Sciences Division, her responsibilities include facilitating communication between the Division Libraries (City Planning and Landscape Architecture, Commerce, Communications, Education and Social Science, Labor and Industrial Relations, and Library and Information Science) and other units within the Library.

Other positions held at UIUC: GSLIS, Visiting Instructor; Taught Introduction to Information Services, Fall 1992. Acting Library and Information Science Librarian, September 1989-March 1990. Project Director, Title II-C Grant, "Strengthening Elementary and Secondary Curriculum and Textbook Resources at the UIUC Education and Social Science Library to Improve National Access" October 1987-December 1988. In 1997, she received the Distinguished Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian Award from the Education and Behavioral Sciences Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries within the ALA. She is Chair of the Executive Committee of the National Education Network (NEN), a congressionally-mandated outreach effort of the National Library of Education, U.S. Department of Education.

She is serving as a member of the Search Committee to Advise the President on the Selection of the Chancellor. Senate experience includes service as Chair(s) of the Committee on Committees, the Committee on Student Discipline, the Committee on University Student Life, and elected member of Senate Council for three years (current vice-chair). She recently completed a three-year term on the campus Faculty Advisory Committee. Professor O'Brien's interest in the work of the Senate and in campus governance issues is ongoing, and she hopes to continue these activities in ways that will best meet campus needs, particularly as the transition to a new campus administration takes place.

Bryan White
Bryan A. White, Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, has received a broad scientific training in biology (B.A., 1978), microbiology (Ph.D., 1982), and molecular biology (NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1982-1984). This comprehensive education has been augmented by a career that started in the biotechnology industry--Senior Research Scientist in microbial biochemistry--and has flourished in academia--Assistant Professor, Associate Professor to Full Professor--to encompass many diverse research and academic interests. Dr. White was recognized for his leadership potential early in his career - in 1991 he was promoted to Associate Professor. Dr. White was asked also to assume the position of Graduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Animal Sciences. In 1995 he was asked to serve as Panel Manager for the USDA-NRI-CGP, Improving Animal Growth and Development Grant Review Panel. In 1996, Dr. White was promoted to Full Professor, and was also appointed to the Division of Nutritional Sciences at UIUC. In 1997, Dr. White was asked to participate in the ESCOP/ACOP Leadership Development Program Fellow working with the Associate Dean of Research in the College of ACES.

He is now responsible for research leadership in his laboratory and the department, the training of undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates, the teaching of two lecture courses, and the administration of the Graduate Program in Animal Sciences (ca. 100 students). He is also currently serving a two-year term in the Senate.
Dr. White has edited three books, and has authored or co-authored 61 peer review manuscripts, 13 book chapters, and 100 abstracts. As Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator he has received grants, gifts, or contracts totaling over $5,000,000 since 1985.

He was the recipient of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship and was awarded the Most Outstanding Research Paper (Ph. D. Degree) in the School of Basic Sciences at the Medical College of Virginia. Since arriving at UIUC, Dr. White was named in the 1986 Outstanding Young Men of America, and as a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He was also awarded the College of ACES Faculty Award for Excellence in Research and the H. H. Mitchell Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Research in the Department of Animal Sciences. In 1995, Dr. White was named a University Scholar at UIUC.