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October 23, 2000


Committee on Committees
(Final - Action)

CC.01.06 Nominations for Membership on the University Senates Conference (USC)

The University Senates Conference is a University-wide body established by the University Statutes and composed of representatives from each of the campus Senates. The representatives are elected by their respective Senates for three-year terms, and must be faculty members or members elect of their Senates at the time of their election. One-third of the representatives from each Senate are elected each year, and none may serve more than two terms consecutively.

The Senate Committee on the University Senates Conference shall keep the Senate informed concerning matters before the Conference and represent the interests of the Senate in the Conference. One member of the Committee on University Senates Conference shall be elected to the Senate Council, as prescribed in Senate Bylaw D, 1 (b). There are nine (9) representatives from the Urbana campus to the University Senates Conference. Continuing members of the Urbana delegation to the USC, and the years their terms expire:

Gordon Baker VMED 2002
Thomas F. Conry ENGR 2003
Robert Fossum LAS 2003
Robert F. Rich LAW 2003
Richard Schacht LAS 2001
Donald Uchtmann ACES 2001
Heidi Von Gunden FAA 2001
Terry Weech LISC 2002

The following faculty senator is nominated to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of J. Gary Eden:
Kal Alston EDUC 2002

Kal Alston is an Associate Professor in Educational Policy Studies and Women's Studies. She is an Affiliate in African American Studies and Research and in the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory. She is currently serving as Interim Director of Women's Studies. Her research interests include the cultural construction and representation of early adolescence and the role of female agency in marketing romance, understanding power, and recreating social institutions.

She has served on the EPS and WS advisory committees, the Graduate Programs and Research Committees in Education, and both the undergraduate and graduate student disciplinary subcommittees. She is currently serving on the College Executive Committee in Education as well as the Library Allocation Steering Committee and the Gender Equity Committee at the campus level. She has been designated one of the campus's CIC Administrative Leadership Fellows for 2000-01.

Karen Chapman-Novakofski, Chair
Oscar Biondolillo
Meredith Blumthal
Peter Colwell
Thomas F. Conry
Linda C. Smith
Billy Vaughn
Emily Watts

Nominations from the floor must be accompanied by the nominee's signed statement of willingness to serve if elected. The statement shall be dated and include the name of the position to be filled. If present, the nominee's oral statement will suffice.