University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Faculty Nominations to the Athletic Board

Debra Hawhee (LAS)

Debra Hawhee joined the faculty at Illinois in 2000. Her now-tenured appointment is split evenly between two departments (English and Speech Communication), and she is core faculty in the Center for Writing Studies. Her research on bodies and communication has won fellowship support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Center for Advanced Study. She was a scholarship player on the University of Tennessee basketball team (1988-1992), which won two national championships during her time there. She was also named Academic All-American. In addition to numerous other departmental committees, she has served on advisory committees in English, Speech Communication, and Writing Studies, and the LAS committee for undergraduate honors. She is a board member for the Rhetoric Society of America, has served as a panel judge for NEH fellowships, and serves on the advisory board for a documentary film about Title IX.

E. Kevin Renshler (AHS)

Kevin Renshler is a faculty member in the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism.  He has taught courses in governance and policy, finance, organizational behavior, legal aspects, and social issues.  His research examines the influences that are placed upon Division I athletic directors as they make decisions. Specifically, he studies the relationship between athletic team salience and resource allocation practices.  He also investigates why athletic departments become strategically similar in their attempts to gain a competitive advantage and meet the needs of the student-athlete.  To complement these efforts, he has thirteen years experience in intercollegiate athletics as the Women’s Head Volleyball Coach at Northwestern, Auburn, and Kent State [Assistant Coach at Miami (OH) and Florida].  During that time, he served as the Chairperson for the Big Ten Volleyball Coaches, led a NCAA Certification Committee, and gained working knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Big Ten and NCAA.

Student Nominations to the Athletic Board

Tyler Deitz (BUS)

I would like to serve on the Athletic Board because athletics have always been a big part of my life.  Sports teach you leadership, responsibility, and most importantly how to perform under pressure.  In life we will all be faced with situations that are tough and difficult to overcome, and athletes have an advantage because they are faced with situations like that every day.  I want to help uphold the respect that all of our athletic programs get.  The University of Illinois is very prestigious, and our athletics must represent that.  From what I have seen at Illinois we have been nothing but classy to opposing fans and players.  I am a member of Illini Pride and Orange Krush, and our student section is one of the most praised in the country.  Not just because of our size and volume, but because of our involvement in the community and the way we conduct ourselves at the games.  That is what this University and its athletics are all about - respect.  

Jim Hanauer (BUS)

Jim Hanauer is a Junior majoring in Business Administration. He serves as a student senator for the College of Business and works with the Committee on Student Rights. Over the past year he has served on the Steering Committee for the University's Re-Certification process for the NCAA, and the subcommittee for Rules Governance and Compliance. He recently started a non-profit organization to raise money for the sport of lacrosse within southern Illinois. He has served as a business buddy and mentor and was recently appointed the vice-president of his business fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda. Along with being a full time student, he has also served as the Head Coach for the Champaign Centennial Lacrosse team for the past two years, and hopes to attend graduate school for Sports Administration after he graduates in May of 2009.

Mallory Martin (AHS)

Mallory Martin is a sophomore majoring in Recreation Sport and Tourism with a concentration in Sports Management.  She grew up in Southern Illinois and has experience with the Southern Illinois University Athletic Department. She had an internship this summer with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which gave her an opportunity to have contact with professional coaches and athletes of all levels.  She is a Sports Chair on the Illini Pride Executive Board for baseball and wrestling, along with a Krush Chair Helper for basketball and a Blockhead for football. This opportunity has allowed her to get to know the students on this campus that are interested in sports and that attend many of the games. It also allows her to work with the marketing representatives to get more students involved. She also has been involved with the Southern Illinois Miners baseball team and plans to intern with them this summer.

Justin Umlah (LAW)

Justin Umlah is a full time student within the College of Law attending under the Paul Merit Scholarship and has a background in Business and Engineering from the University of Manitoba.  He has received academic awards including dean’s list honors as well as being ranked in the top 30% of his class.  He is a member of the Illinois Student Senate and the UC senate representing the Law School.  He was a founding member and president of the law school debate society.  Justin has been a long time follower of big ten athletics including being a fan of the Illini.  He is training to complete a Half-Ironman in Kansas this June, and has always been personally involved in sports as a life passion for staying fit.