University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Urbana-Champaign Senate
April 28, 2003; 3:10 p.m.
Foellinger Auditorium

I. Approval of March 17, 2003, Senate Minutes

II. Senate Executive Committee Report-Robert Fossum, Chair

III. Chancellor's Remarks-Dr. Richard Wilson, Associate Chancellor for Development, will discuss Private Gift Progress and Priorities.

IV. Questions/Discussion

V. Consent Agenda
Program Revision of the Kinesiology Teacher Education K-12 Option
Educational Policy (P. Mortensen, Chair) EP.03.19

Deletion of the Kinesiology Teacher Education PE 6-12 Option
Educational Policy EP.03.20

Proposed Revision to the General Education Requirements for Kinesiology Teacher Education
Educational Policy EP.03.21

Revision to the Curricular Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Music Education, FAA
Educational Policy EP.03.22

Revision of the Biology Teaching Option of the Life Sciences Major
Educational Policy EP.03.23

Proposal for a B.S. Degree Option to the LAS Individual Plans of Study Major in the Sciences and Letters Curriculum
Educational Policy EP.03.24

Proposed Undergraduate Geographic Information Science Option of the Sciences and Letters Curriculum
Educational Policy EP.03.25

Proposal to Change the Name of the Department of Agricultural Engineering to the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Educational Policy EP.03.27

Proposal from FAA to Revise the Bachelor of Music Degree with Major in Music History
Educational Policy EP.03.28

Proposed Revision to the Teacher Education Minor in Secondary School Teaching
Educational Policy EP.03.29

Proposed Revision to the General Education Requirements for Art Education
Educational Policy EP.03.30

Proposal to Create a Department of Bioengineering in the College of Engineering, and to Establish B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Programs in Bioengineering
Educational Policy EP.03.31

Proposal to Rename the Humanities Major in the LAS Sciences and Letters Curriculum to the LAS Interdisciplinary Major
Educational Policy EP.03.32

2003-2004 Senate/SEC Calendar
Senate Executive Committee SC.03.07

VI. Proposals for Action
Resolution of Appreciation for Senate Executive Committee Chair Robert Fossum
Senate Executive Committee (Priscilla Yu, Vice-Chair)

Resolution on Support for the Library
Library (B. Wicks, Chair) LB.03.02

Resolution on Centralization
General University Policy (R. Schacht, Chair) GP.03.06

Information Security Policy
Information Technology (G. Francis, Chair) IT.03.01

Implementation of Severe Sanctions Other Than Dismissal for Cause
General University Policy GP.03.03

Report to the Senate on Alternatives to Dissection in Undergraduate Courses
Educational Policy EP.03.35

VII. Proposals from the Conference on Conduct Governance (CCG)
Proposed Revisions to the Code, Rule 44 CCG (N. Burbules, Chair) CG.01.10
Rule 15 CCG CG.02.05
Rule 103 CCG CG.02.09
Rule 11 CCG CG.03.03

VIII. Reports for Information of the Senate
BOT March 13 K. Andersen SC.03.09
FAC/IBHE March 28 K. Andersen HE.03.10
BHE April 1 K. Andersen HE.03.11
USC March 18 N. O'Brien UC.03.06
Research Policy Committee RPC.03.01

IX. Senate Committee Annual Reports
Academic Freedom and Tenure AF.03.01
Admissions AD.03.01
Budget BG.03.02
Campus Operations CO.03.01
Committee on Committees CC.03.10
Conference on Conduct Governance CG.03.08
Educational Policy EP.03.26
Equal Opportunity EQ.03.01
Faculty Benefits FB.03.03
General University Policy GP.03.05
Honorary Degrees HD.03.03
Information Technology IT.03.02
University Statutes and Senate Procedures SP.03.10
University Student Life SL.03.01

X. New Business
Matters not included on the agenda may not be presented to the Senate without the concurrence of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting.

XI. Adjournment