University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Urbana-Champaign Senate
April 23, 2001, 3:10 p.m.
Foellinger Auditorium
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I. Approval of March 19, 2001, Senate Minutes

II. Senate Council Report - Robert Rich, Chair

III. Chancellor's Remarks

IV. Questions/Discussion

V. Old Business (approved on February 12; Second Reading;)
Revisions to Statutes, Article V, Section 2, Graduate Colleges - Campus Research Board; Article XII, Research and Publication University Statutes and Senate Procedures (R. M. Fossum, Chair) SP.00.08

VI. Consent Agenda
Proposal for a Bachelor/Master in Accountancy with Options leading to the Award of a B.S. in Accountancy and either a M.A.S. or a M.S. with Specialization in Taxation
Educational Policy (S. Lamb, Chair)

Proposal from CBA to revise the B.S. in Accountancy
Educational Policy

Proposal from ACES to revise the Undergraduate Option in Agribusiness Markets and Management for the Agribusiness Markets and Mgt. Major
Educational Policy

Proposal from LAS to Establish a Campus-wide Minor in Political Science
Educational Policy

Proposal from LAS to revise the Major in Actuarial Science
Educational Policy

Proposal from LAS to revise the curriculum leading to the B.A. in Italian and the curriculum leading to the Undergraduate Minor in Italian
Educational Policy

Proposal from LAS to Rename the Program and Minor in Comparative Literature; and Establish an Undergraduate Option in World Literature in the Major of Comparative Literature
Educational Policy

Proposal from LAS to Revise the Major in English
Educational Policy

Proposal for an Interdisciplinary Minor in South Asian Studies
Educational Policy

Senate and Senate Council Calendar for 2001-2002
Senate Council

VII. Proposals for Action
Resolution on Benefits for Domestic Partners of UI Employees
Senate Council/ Equal Opportunity

Resolution in Support of HB0901, A Bill Providing 100% Tuition Discounts
Faculty Benefits (M. Murphy, Chair)

Resolution on the Library Allocations Steering Committee (LASC) Report
Library (L. Struble, Chair)

VIII. Proposed Revisions to the Senate Bylaws
Proposed Revisions to the Bylaws, Part D.2 - Committee on Academic Calendar and Part D.10 - Committee on Educational Policy
University Statutes and Senate Procedures

IX. Reports for Information of the Senate
Resolution of Appreciation for Chancellor Michael Aiken
Senate Council

Graduate Student Representation Issues
General University Policy (G. Belford, Chair)

Revision of Grade Notation and Credit Designation
Educational Policy

Update on Student-Athlete Academic Performance
Athletic Board

BOT March 7-8 N. O'Brien SC.01.15

FAC/IBHE March 30 K. Andersen HE.01.07

USC (R. Fossum)
February 14 - UC.01.05
March 29 - UC.01.06

X. Senate Committee Annual Reports

XI. New Business

XII. Executive Session
All visitors will be asked to leave before the Senate considers the following report, which will be distributed to senators in attendance, and collected before each member leaves the auditorium.

Nominations for Honorary Degrees
Honorary Degrees (W. D. Seitz, Chair)

XIII. Adjournment