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November 4, 2002


Committee on Faculty Benefits
(Final - Information)

FB.03.01 Items Under Study by the Committee
The Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits invites general faculty and senator input on our main agenda items (carried over from last year) for this year:
Campus parking
Dental care
Health coverage for contraception
Health care coverage for same-sex partners

We also anticipate asking for HMO coverage of marital counseling,and expanded contraceptive coverage, and will bring one or more resolutions before the senateurging action on these items.

Committee on Faculty Benefits
Norman Denzin, Chair
Jane Barrett
Harry Hilton
Alfred Kagan
Alan Nathan
Stan Wasserman
James Beedie, Ex officio (designee)
James Davito, Ex officio (designee)
Terry Jobin, Observer
Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessey, Ex officio (designee)
Ronald Peters, Observer
Mark R. Roszkowski, Ex officio
James E. Simon, Ex officio
Beth Slotnick, Observer