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Committee Membership (AY 2016-17)

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For information on committee membership, go to the Senate Bylaws, Part D Standing Committees, number 8.

Academic Year 2016-17 Committee Membership

Voting Members
Name (Affiliation)
Committee Term
Subcommittee Assignment
Bettina Francis (LAS, Entomology) 2017 Committee Chair
Jenny Amos (ENGR) 2017 A
Roy Campbell (ENGR) 2017 A
Ray Benekohal (ENGR) 2018 C
Faculty Vacancy 2017 B
Faculty Vacancy 2017 B
Randy McCarthy (LAS, Mathematics) 2018 B
Eric Meyer (MDA, Journalism) 2018 Chair of A
Steve Michael (BUS, Business Administration) 2018 C
David Miller (ACES) 2017 B
Robert Muncaster (LAS) 2018 Chair of B
Eurydice Bauer (EDUC) 2018 A
Ann Reisner (MDA) 2018 C
Rahul Raju (Student, ENGR) 2017 B
David Hanley (Student, GRAD) 2017 A
Spencer Haydary (Student, LAS) 2017 C
Angel Velez (Student, GRAD) 2017 A
Xavier Morgan (Student, ACES, Undergrad) 2017 C

Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members
Name (Affiliation)
Karen Carney (Committee of Assistant and Associate Deans Representative) Chair of C
Brenda Clevenger (Executive Director of the Council on Teacher Education's designee) A
John Hart (Dean of the Graduate College's designee) B
Keith Marshall (Associate Provost for Enrollment Management's designee) B
Kathy Martensen (Provost's designee)  
Michel Bellini (Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning; CITL's designee) C

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